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Cabinet Henry Tierny


Built upon the complementarity of its partners Laurence HENRY and Edward TIERNY, our law office revolves on rigor, reactivity and practical sense.

We bear the values of our professional Oath: “I swear as an Attorney to fulfil my duties with dignity, consciousness, independence, probity, and humanity”

Laurence HENRY and Edward TIERNY worked together for years in a Top-Tier Law Firm dedicated to transport and international trade.

Drawing out the best of their complementarities and of their professional aspirations, they set off to create their own practice: HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES.

Laurence HENRY and Edward TIERNY share a core expertise in the field of Transport and International Trade: Transport, yachting, cruise, passengers and personal injuries and losses, ports and marine areas, business and trade.

Laurence HENRY was first a researcher and teaching assistant at the University, in international and public law, before becoming an attorney and extending her skills to private law.

Edward TIERNY added administrative law abilities to his original training in business and transport law.

The firm is expanding and welcomes a new associate Adam BORIE BELCOUR since 2022.

The work of HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES law office is based on rigour, responsiveness and practicality.

The trust our clients place on us allows us to better understand their expectations and allocate all relevant means and resources in the defense of their best interest.

The Office's intervention can be of advisory nature or consists in an out-of-court negotiation or assistance and representation in a judicial or alternative dispute resolution process (settlement, mediation, arbitration).

HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES law office handles cases in France and Internationally, cooperating with an international network of correspondents and experts. It also endeavours to co-manage or delegate cases to trusted peers in their field of expertise.

Cabinet Henry Tierny Avocats associés
Adam Borie Belcour, Avocat au Barreau de Marseille

Adam Borie Belcour, Attorney at the Marseille Bar, Master Degree in International Law


Adam Borie Belcour passed his exams at the Bar’s regional training centre with a distinction in International Private Law.

He has a solid background in international private and public law and can avail himself of a strong professional and volunteer experience in human rights with Immigrants’ defense associations.

As an attorney admitted in Marseille, he focuses on Civil law and natural persons.

Adam can provide legal services in general areas (family law, criminal law, labour law, immigration law) and can help with more technical legal issues such as transport law, maritime law in cooperation with the partners.

Laurence HENRY, Avocate au Barreau de Marseille

Laurence HENRY, attorney at law at the Marseille Bar, Doctor in Law

Laurence HENRY began her career by devoting herself to research and teaching in international and public law, in France and abroad, keeping a taste for legal creativity and rigor in her new career as an attorney.

Since she became an attorney, she has kept her focus on international law, in particular through the practice of transport law, while devoting part of her activity to public law.

Working with local and national humanitarian associations, such as the Fondation Abbé Pierre, Médecins du Monde or Réseau Santé Marseille Sud... she frequently is called up to assist natural persons most in need of legal services.

Her solid legal culture also allows her to handle public law cases and private law cases alike. Rigour and humanism are her key words in the exercise of her profession.

She has been associated with Edward TIERNY for ten years and appreciates the synergy and complementarity of their professional profiles and characters.

Laurence HENRY is also a member of various professional associations:

  • International Law Commission, Access to Law Commission; Foreigners' Law Commission of the Marseille Bar Association;

  • French Association of Maritime Law (AFDM); French Society of Air and Space Law (SFDAS), JURISCUP.

Edward TIERNY, Avocat au Barreau de Marseille

Edward TIERNY is a graduate in international business and transport law (Universities of Paris I-Sorbonne, Nantes and Southampton).

He holds a Master's degree in international business law, a postgraduate degree in maritime law, and a PhD in port investment and maritime trade.

Edward TIERNY has been practising as an attorney for twenty years, assisting various companies and corporations in the sectors of transport and industry in the long run. He has become familiar with their jobs and activities, providing the legal support they expect and earning their trust.

His eagerness to apprehend his clients’ concerns, meet their needs, in and out of court has not faded and is still as dynamic as when he was first sworn in.


His practice has lead him to handle mainly in transport, trade, insurance cases.


His partnership with Laurence HENRY provided Edward TIERNY skills in public law and law of natural persons to offer a comprehensive array of legal services to his clients.


Edward TIERNY is also a member of several professional associations: Association Française de Droit Maritime (AFDM); Société Française de Droit Aérien et Spatial (SFDAS); Propeller Club.

He works very regularly with the members of the National Federation of Road Hauliers (FNTR) and the Chamber of Moving Companies.

He is a member of the International Commission and of the "amicable settlement of disputes" Commission of the Marseille Bar Association, and of the Juriscup Association.


Fees are agreed upon by the parties according to custom, depending on the client's financial situation, the complexity of the case, costs incurred by the attorney, attorney’s reputation and diligence. The attorney in charge of a case may charge fees even if the case is withdrawn before its conclusion, to the extent of the work done.

Legal advice

Except for persons receiving legal aid, the first consultation (in person or by telephone) of 45 minutes is invoiced at 120 € including tax. If necessary, this sum will be deducted from the final fees.

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