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Transport law


HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES law office dedicates most of its work to transport law (all modes) and maritime activities.

Edward TIERNY and Laurence HENRY are able to respond to all your legal needs in the fields of transport, both nationally and internationally, in private and public law. - Advice and litigation - All Modes : Maritime, road, railway, inland navigation, aviation, multimodal - Public law, port law - Transit and freight forwarding, subcontracting - Cargo Claims - Damage to means of transport and vehicles - General Average - Collisions - Arrest of ships - Customs, customs Agency - Port operators, forwarders, agents - International trade, documentary credits - Sales, charters - Removals, furniture storage - Insurance, reinsurance and P&I - Pollution - Yachting and boating - Gayssot law and freight recovery, pricing litigation

Port law and administrative law

Laurence HENRY obtained a PhD in Public Law. She taught public and administrative law for several years at the University.

Edward TIERNY wrote his PHD on the development of maritime ports. HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES law firm Pleading before administrative and judicial courts, and has contributed to major case law breakthroughs in the following areas: - Port law - Public domain occupation law (Temporary permission permit, concessions, terminal agreements) - Tariffs, taxes, fees, port charges - Public property damage procedure - Administrative liability - Anchoring, rent of berth, mooring - Pollution, environment, seashore, marine areas

Port de Fos sur Mer
Voyage en ferry

Accidents, injuries and losses

HENRY TIERNY AVOCAT ASSOCIES Law Firm has a long history of assisting plaintiffs as well as defendants in all matters related to accidents during cruises, crossings and travels by sea, air or land. 

Mastering all applicable European and International laws and regulations allows us to efficiently negotiate on behalf of our clients non-judicial settlements and to secure favourable judicial outcomes with all possible respondents (third party payers, social organisations and insurers) in the following areas: - Provisional and final compensation - Providing Expertise and evaluation of their physical, moral, financial, professional and economic loss - Civil and criminal liability claim HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES Law firm works with medical and technical experts to provide its clients with top-notch services.

Yachting law

HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES law office works in the yachting and water sports sector.

- Boating - Mooring berthing, warding - Sales, rents and chartering - Insurance, legal protection - Survey - Construction, shipyard, hidden defects - Port, maritime domain, pollution - Civil, criminal and administrative liability - Sports practice - Personal injury

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